All you have to do is register for an account to start using Video On Demand (VOD) technology now! You'll quickly transform existing photos and information into sleek and compelling movies that will get your listings in front of millions of targeted consumers.

Unlike other advertisements that provide only static images, VOD displays ads through a dynamic video slideshow. Camera angles pan from side to side, while zoomed shots emulate a custom-produced video tour. Once you upload and approve images and information, advertisements are produced, formatted, and sent to Comcast for population on the VOD network. The ads are then available to countless digital cable subscribers.

Using their remote, digital cable subscribers simply:

  • Tune to channel 1
  • Select "Searchlight"

Through the power of VOD, advertisers can showcase listings in a timely, localized, and cost-effective manner. With the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of interested digital cable consumers, advertising on Comcast's Searchlight leverages the reach, accessibility, and marketing power of digital cable.