Video On Demand (VOD) technology lets digital cable subscribers select and watch targeted advertising content from their televisions. Consumers simply pick up their remote and choose movie advertisements to watch from a menu of products. Just like using a DVD, consumers can play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward through content, letting them quickly find products and listings they are looking for.

Benefits of Advertising on VOD

  • Digital ads are more cost effective than print ads because they are generated without paper, printing, or mailing costs.
  • Unlike print ads, digital ads cannot be thrown away, lost, or destroyed.
  • The 24/7 permanent ad fixture is always on TV, reaching millions of interested, local consumers.
  • A video slideshow is more compelling than the average print classified ad.
  • Consumers have a readily-available, alternative medium for finding what they are looking for, all from the convenience and comfort of their homes.
  • Buyers experience effortless browsing with straightforward navigation to any listing.
  • The VOD platform provides access to a variety of custom templates and color schemes to further engage your audience; you can even refresh your ad content weekly.

If you subscribe to Comcast digital cable, you already have Searchlight On Demand. Go to your digital cable menu, select On Demand, and choose something that interests you today!

We look forward to making the dream of Video On Demand a reality for you.